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When Whatsapp Gets Hacked, Heres What To Do

Once WhatsApp is ready for use on your Android device, you can go to the Contacts tab in the app. Here, you will see all the contacts that are already using WhatsApp messenger. Once you follow these steps, the WhatsApp application on the desktop will be ready for use. The Profile Picture column just shows […]

What Is Zoom And How Does It Work?

This includes audio, video, recording, screen sharing, remote access, phone audio, chat, and moderator controls. You won’t miss out on any of the features you need to have a successful online meeting if you select Zoho Meeting as your alternative to Zoom. Notably, Zoom works with nearly any preferred hardware . However, Zoom isn’t the […]

Gacha Game

The design is simple, but it does not detract from gameplay. The graphics in this game are bright and can be adjusted to dark colors. The bright colors make the game more visually appealing dark colors make product more atmospheric. The graphics of free Gacha Life 2 are not the best in the world, but […]